Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Having discovered the most wonderful donuts in town, we will not provide donuts in our bakery.

Bagels - maybe. The bagelries that were once so popular have declined, many going out of business altogether. There is still, however, a desire for good bagels. So, maybe we ought to offer a few bagels among our buns and rolls.

Not too many, and not too fancy - egg bagels, plain bagels, onion bagels. Those seemed the most popular, and those are the ones people mention when we ask.

Donuts, however, require specialized equipment to cook and glaze. It seems - redundant - to try to make donuts when someone else makes really really good donuts. Especially since they are located just down the street from the locations we've been investigating.

Besides, donuts are a morning or very late night food. Since we will not be open mornings, it makes no sense for us to offer donuts.

Like any other sensible people, we will buy our donuts from The Best Donuts Shop.

They want our pies and rolls. So, it will work out well.

Their donuts are soooo good.

Yes, we could probably make donuts every bit as good (or better), but why? It's not part of our menu, equipment purchase plans, or business plans.

I don't think there is any point at which we will be offering donuts.

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