Monday, January 26, 2004

Angel Food Cakes 

Use up an awful lot of eggs. Even the dogs tired of yolks. We froze a bunch, and still had many many yolks left.

But I must say, freshly made angel food cake is worth all those egg whites, and the desperate search for yolk uses. One of them, of course, is egg yolk paint for sugar cookies. Mardi Gras cookies are especially colorful, so some of the yolk made paint.

The cats, dogs, ferrets, neighbor's dogs, and the wild birds also enjoyed their fill of yolks.

I baked a sour cream bread with an egg yolk salt glaze. That came out surprisingly well.

We've begun the last dash of our financial adjustments to insure qualifying for the loan in - get this - 11 months!

I may have convinced Manager to get a summer job at a bakery so she can see for herself how it's done. I've done my time as a baker when I was younger, and since I don't plan to actually work in the bakery (I have a full time job that I will not quit - one of us needs to be producing income in case of a slow month - or two). I've also done quite a bit of time in fast food, and haute cuisine. I've done management, and cost analyses, and efficiency reports.

My contribution is my money (such as it is), my recipes (which are really good), and my acerbic wit. That last isn't worth anything, it's simply a pleasant bonus.

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