Tuesday, December 23, 2003


Yep, in one year, we will be dealing with the legalities of setting up the Cracked Cauldron. To that end, we've contacted the Department of Health and the Chamber of Commerce for rules and regulations so we can work them congenially into our plans.

You know, I think we'll be exceeding what the Health Department requires on cleanliness - simply because I am that paranoid about stuff.

OK - my house may not pass inspection - I'm not the only one who cooks or cleans there, and since the others are adults, it's their responsibility, too. If folks get sick because they don't clean up after themselves, it's their problem. But when it comes to providing food to others - I insist on as close to sterility and non-allergenic as possible.

The Department of Health does not require that we provide separate pans for those allergic to peanuts, but we plan to do that, as well as having a separate cleaning area. Peanut allergies are fierce. Soy and wheat and such aren't so bad, residual traces aren't going to set off allergic reactions, but with peanut allergies, even the barest trace can sometimes affect the people, so we're going to have those separate.

Then, just because we feel it would be proper (and cleaner), we're going to have separate pans for vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Yes, yes, that means threeseparate sets of pans and sinks. Are we too anal? Is that unrealistic?

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