Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Forms Arrived 

Well, it looks like we'll be starting the New year with a bit reading material sent courtesy of the Health Department, the Chamber of Commerce, and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

That last has us puzzled, as we don't intend to sell any of those items at the Cracked Cauldron. Alcohol won't be served at all, and therefore any rules, regulations and laws pertaining to that won't apply to us. Smoking is now illegal in public places, so we also have no option on that. We have no intention of selling any form of tobacco or tobacco related supplies. Hello? This is a bakery! Oklahoma is a concealed carry state, though, so maybe they want to tell us what we have to do about privately owned firearms. OK, so we'll read what they have to say.

For the New Year, we have planned a snack collection of Penguin Cookies (they look soooo cute, and !yummy), tiny brie tartlettes with black plum butter or black caviar garnishes, mini courgettes stuffed with black eyed peas, tuna stuffed jalapenos, Texas Caviar with fresh tortilla chips, Wolf Chips (fresh made and hotly spiced potato chips), colored boiled eggs (what, you only enjoy them at Easter?), chocolate coins, Dollar Salad, fresh rabbit roast with carrot and parsnip coins, baby cabbages (you probably know them as Brussels sprouts), and confetti buns.

Those of you who stop in here from time to time to view our demented ravings about getting the bakery together - have a Happy New Year as commonly celebrated in the US.

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