Sunday, December 14, 2003

Cookie Day 

Yesterday, we celebrated Cookie Day. I know, it was a day late, but the brake lights went out on my car, and it was more than a fuse or bulbs. So, instead of spending the 12th day of the 12th month baking and sharing cookies, we had to postpone it until Saturday, the 13th.

However, because we also got snow (5 inches, thank you for asking, it's practically gone now), we decided to do a little extra for the homeless people we feed on Sandwich Saturdays.

That old cracked cauldron (big enough to comfortably hold 2 small children), holds heat very well, so we heated it up, filled it with porridge (cause porridge is too thick to leak through the crack), and settled it into the back of the little station wagon. From there, we were able to ladle out hot bowls of porridge to the homeless people who survived the snowy cold night.

Then, we baked hundreds and hundreds of cookies in a home oven (we're getting all excited about the space commercial ovens will provide when we do Cookie Day). A quarter of the cookies were boxed up and taken to a senior living center, half the cookies went into our Sandwich Saturday bags along with the usual sandwiches, the rest we shared among ourselves and neighbors and college kids for their Finals week.

With how well the old caudron did for the porridge, we made a cauldron full of thick stew, and delivered that to homeless people along with the sandwiches and cookies. And because we lucked into a bid for several hundred emergency space blankets for really really cheap, we included a blanket with each sandwich bag we gave away.

It will be so nice when we have the Cracked Cauldron open and can offer more.

all of the leftover soups and stews, all the leftover breads and cakes and pies and such will go to feed the homeless and the hungry.

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