Tuesday, December 09, 2003


We ate at several local competitors recently.

I think we can honestly say that our Cracked Cauldron will be substantially different, and will be filling niches which are unaddressed at this time.

One bakery - a German based one - offers live musicians on Saturdays, and a small dance floor. The food was pretty good. Last time I'd visited this bakery, they had pumpernickel, rye, leinsamen, fruited breads, and crisp white rolls as well as a variety of German and French style pastries. Now, their line-up consisted of French bread, Italian white bread, a whole wheat loaf, the whitened Farmer's bread, and a Mediterranean olive loaf. No rye. No pumpernickel. No leinsamen (flax seed). Their lineup of cookies and pastries had declined, but maybe it was just the day we were there.

They looked to be refocusing to become a deli/restaurant instead of a bakery and were phasing out most of their baked goods. That's sad, because I used to buy their bread all the time when I lived near by.

I suppose next we travel to other states to see what their bakeries are like.

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