Wednesday, December 31, 2003


The forms arrived yesterday. You did know everything psted here is always past tense, right?

Today, we get a catalog of yummy videos from the Health Department.

Are you thrilled by such gripping movies as Sanitation is not an Option? I knew you would be. And it's a steal at only $79.95 for a 12 minute VHS.

How about the riveting Safe and Sanitary Dishwashing? It's sure to become a family classic.

And who could miss the suspenseful Food Borne Illnesses? I'm sure you can't wait to see the end of this lengthy 35 minute VHS, just as we can't. Will those poor customers survive the ER after downing soup from an unsanitarily washed bowl? Why, oh why didn't we watch the Dish washing Movie first?

Knife Care and its sequel Knife Skills are old news to people who grew about and around knifesmiths. These videos don't go far enough for people who've made their own kitchen knives from auto springs. We could show them a few things they missed on proper knife care and sharpening. But we also realize not too many people can look at a piece of roadside debris and see a great chef's knife in it.

The other videos were pretty standard offerings - Kitchen safety, recipe costing, beverage service, bake stations, make soup stocks, running a restaurant, and a variety of menu videos. I think the menu ones should come on CD-ROM, but what do I know about marketing movies? I'm a baker....or I will be once Cracked Cauldron opens.

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