Thursday, November 06, 2003

More on Low-Carb Bread 

A limited taste testing done by the faculty and staff of a high school and the staff of the near-by medical teaching hospital has created a huge demand for the Bacon Bits Low-Carb Bread. Because each loaf has 12 ounces of bacon in it, it is a pricier bread, but people have expressed an eagerness to pay $6.00 or $7.00 a loaf for it!

This just blows me away. I was cringing at offering it for $3.00 a loaf.

Of course, I'm a cheap old woman. I think a decent loaf of daily bread should cost no more than 75¢ for a 1 1/2 pound loaf. What makes the bacon bread so expensive is, of course, the bacon. I guess this means rethinking prices altogether.

How can people afford to spend that much for a single loaf of bread?

It amazes me. Just amazes me.

But it is a very good loaf of bread. It slices thinly, smaller even than the standard 1/2 slices commercial bread has set as the standard. It holds up well to fillings. It will make a great French Toast, or grilled cheese sandwich. Toasted and cut into small shapes, it will make an excellent hors d'euvre bread. Guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, Westphalian aged ham, all would taste great on this bread. And Egg Toast! Imagine cutting the middle out of this bread, dropping in an egg and frying it (cut-out and all) so the yolk is still runny. What a scrumptious idea. I have to go home and bake some more now.

If all of our specialty breads are as well received as this one was, the Cracked Cauldron Bakery Boutique will be a tremendous success.

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