Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Low-Carb Bread 

Well, the analysis results are back from the test loaves of low-carb bread.

We created cornbread, whole wheat bread, white bread, lemon poppyseed bread, orange cranberry bread, bacon bits bread, and banana nut bread. The highest carb is the orange cranberry bread.

I think we've done it - a line of delicious breads that are low carb and soy free, and equal in price to produce as regular bread so the people who require low-carbs won't be penalized for their dietary differences.

Diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people on weight-loss programs will love these breads. They are made with dried fruit - less fruit, more intense flavor, hence less carbs - wheat gluten and protein for all but the cornbread (which has grits and rice proteins instead), cornstarch, leavening (mostly yeast, but baking powder in other cases).

The best of the lot, in my opinion, is the bacon bits bread. It's high protein, low carb, and rich in flavor. It makes an excellent sandwich bread, thinly sliced.

Even though it's not as light as regular orange cranberry bread, the dense low-carb orange cranberry bread is bursting with flavor. Even though it tested the highest in carbs, it's still low enough to satisfy most low-carb diets.

I think a variety of seven different low carb breads will make a community hit.

Next thing to tackle - low carb cookies. Chocolate chip, of course. Brownies. They won't suffer from the density that low-carb seems to create, they may even benefit from it. Fudgy brownies, low carb and made with Splenda. Spritz cookies - high in fats and sugar, but low in flour - might be an option, and meringues, of course. Crispy, flavorful meringues - minty chocolate, sharply citrus, and javalicious.

Once we finish this line of product, then we'll need to tackle the wheat allergy breads. The corn bread is acceptable for that - low-carb and wheat-free. I'm thinking of a rice/apple bread and maybe a potato rice bread. Amaranth, rice, potato, chickpea, milo, rye, there are a lot more choices for wheat-free than low-carb.

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