Friday, November 14, 2003


Along with pest control, I suppose we will have to deal with humidity control as well. Breads are rather picky about what humidity level they rise best in.

I've noticed this even at my favorite donut shop - Best Donuts. On rainy days or miserably humid summer days, their donuts tend to be heavier. Granted, they are still much lighter than the donuts at any competitor's (Dunkin' Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Winchell's, Daylight), but the difference is still noticeable. The worst donuts Best Donuts produces is still better than the best donuts anyone else makes.

So, likely we will have the same problem.

And thinking of that brings to mind the dreaded Power Outage. That, however, we can take care of with a lovely back-up generator. Yes, it will be an expense up front, but considering this city experience 8-10 power outages a year that can last from a few hours to days (and in a few instances, more than a week!), the first year's use will pay for itself, both in saving whatever's in the oven, and being able to remain open and providing what few others will have - hot food - will certainly help our profit margin.

Anyway, this weekend, we'll be celebrating First Fire because temperatures here have dropped low enough to necessitate turning on heaters, lighting fireplaces, and otherwise preparing for the cold weather. Not that it ever gets truly cold here. Still. it's an excuse for a party - and when we open the Cracked Cauldron, an excuse for a sale and special bakery goods.

Anything that can be cooked over an open flame - Dough Wands, Shaggy Dogs, S'Mores, Orange Cups, Woofers inna Wrap, and such, along with hot spiced cranberry juice, mulled cider, and varieties of hot cocoa - are what we do, so the Cracked Cauldron can maybe offer a First Fire Special which involves the customer's choice of any First Fire Beverage and three First Fire treats. Sounds good to me. Decorate with wintry scenes, put little knit scarves around the cauldrons, that sort of thing.

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