Monday, November 10, 2003


I brought cookies in for taste testing today: snickerdoodles, chocolate chips, oatmeal, shortbread.

Oddly enough, no one asked about their carb levels. Why are they all so worked up about carbs on bread, then not at all over cookies? One cookie had more carb in it that one slice of bacon bits bread. Yet they cringed over the bread, but didn't hesitate to eat 3-4 cookies.

I think Atkins people have lost sight of the true goal of the diet, and resort to simply bad-mouthing bread, forgetting about all the other carb foods. The goal is not to eliminate all carbs, but to restrict them. And erally, if you're eating a well-balanced, healthy diet, you won't be eating more carbs than the Atkins diet allows - which means a decent dose of grains - via bread, cereals, and other baked goods.

Fortunately, with our low-carb breads, luscious desserts, and soups, we'll have hte Atkins people as loyal customers, as well as hypoglycemics, diabetics, and people with wheat or soy allergies.

I think one thing we ought to do, just as a common thing, is to make labels that list the nutritional content of each item we will have on our menu. That way, people can see how delicious and nutritious our bakery goods are.

Breads, rolls, muffins, cookies, pies, cakes, tarts, pastries, soups, coffees, teas, milks, juices, and even sodas.

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