Monday, November 17, 2003


I can't believe we actually threw away an entire cake.

No, really - the whole thing.

Well, all but 2 bites -mine and Manager's.

It was a nasty horrid cake that will never ever be on a Cracked Cauldron shelf.

Be glad you've been spared the horror of the coconut-filbert cake that filled a trash can.

On a happier note, the fudge bottomed lime cake was a smash hit and devoured quickly

It was so cute when the little orphan Oliver Twist came up and begged for more with big pleading eyes. OK - it wasn't Oliver Twist, but to see such hopefully pleading eyes from our test market is certainly a happy sign that making a fudge bottomed dark chocolate cake with lime juice is a success.

After the dismal and dreadful failure of the coconut filbert cake, we needed this success.

Inspired by our fudge bottomed lime cake, we went on to create splodges and hot drops.

Splodges are splats of cookie dough, kind of like dropped cookies, but not so well shaped. Amoebas come close in appearance, but amoebas sound like a disease, and splodges, well, splodges are fun.

Hot drops are puffed cracker like cookies made with cayenne pepper and habanero souce and topped with cheese. They are searingly delicious served hot and fresh or cold, and they carry dip exceptionally well. They do well with a bean dip, a queso, and salsas of various sorts. Surprisingly, they do great with a salmon or tuna dip, or served with sour cream. They make nice carriers for hors d'eurves, topped with shrimp, or cream cheese and dill, or a varity of other pretty toppings.

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