Monday, October 20, 2003


I just took a venture capitol questionnaire. While there are a few weak spots (hey, I'm no math whiz!), with a solid business plan completed and a little help on projection gross, we're not in bad shape at all.

That makes me even more hopeful.

If we take our time making the business plan comprehensive, then when we're ready to ask for financial backing - loans, grants, venture capitol, maybe even an angel - we'll have enough to wow them and prove that this bakery is an excellent idea that will succeed where we plant it and with our offerings.

Our most unique draw will be the fact that we will be supporting homeless rights and providing services for homeless people, while offering an outstanding delicious product that people will drive out of their way for if they had to.

We have some rather nifty marketing ideas already built in, and finding more will be easy. We'll remain at the front of people's minds as we provide yummy baked goods and soups. They'll come back often not just for the goodies but for the ambience, the entertainment, the special events.

What seemed like a good idea 6 months ago is beginning to gell into a great, workable idea.

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