Thursday, October 23, 2003


Have you ever baked a batch of cookies just to prove a point?

Have you ever engaged in a cookie bake-off to prove a point?

Have you ever wished you had more ovens in your house so you could end the matter once and for all about who's cookie recipe is better?

What cookie was under dispute so vehemently?


We were arguing over the type and quantity of cinnamon to use. I favor cinnamomum vera or cinnamomum zeylonica, Manager thinks cassia occidentalis is just fine. True, Cassia has a stronger cinnamon smell, but it lacks body and flavor. True cinnamon has a faint aroma, but the flavor builds wonderfully in the mouth and then floods your nose with its fragrance. You don't smell real cinnamon until you eat it.

I'm willing to go with a blend of true cinnamon and cassia so we get the best of both worlds. Manager insists true cinnamon is too pricey to use, and wants us to cut corners using only cassia.

So, we baked cookies to prove who was right on the aroma factor and smell.

The neighbors were drooling, because, of course, we can't eat all those cookies, and they got to help in the contest.

The winning blend was 65% cassia and 35% cinnamon.

I'm happy with that.

Manager thinks we should go with the 80% cassia and 20% cinnamon (she did cave and admit cinnamon was essential to the flavor)

I'm sticking with the 65/35 blend, even for cinnamon rolls. We didn't match off with cinnamon rolls because we'd still be at it, waiting for batches to rise. Cookies are fast.

Now that the cookie fight is over, for now and for this ingredient, I have to get back to the more boring things. Like looking up printers.

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